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Master These 4 Vodka Cocktails For Summer Soirees

vodka cocktails for summer

A RECENT study, conducted by experts from the Socialising Needs Of Humans Institute (an establishment we just made up), finds that the relationship between summer and the yearning for cool and refreshing drinks is directly proportional. An increase in summer heat in accompanied by a proportionate rise in the desire for an ice-cold beverage, served in a frosted glass (chilled for just the perfect amount of minutes in your freezer), dewy drops of condensation trickling gently down its sides, even as the heady liquid contained within entices with its whispers of refreshment, of fizzy and delicate flavours for your palate as it traces a cool path down your throat, granting a blissful reprieve from the all-encompassing heat... okay, we'll stop before we forget what we're here for!

And what we're here for, is our good deed of the day — helping you master the only four cocktails that are essential for summer (soirees). The four vodka cocktails are: the Lemon Fizz, Moscow Mule, Berry Smash and Mojito.


As a base spirit, vodka is a crowd pleaser for a reason. There are a range of options to suit every budget, but when you choose a solid offering like the McDowell’s X Series Vodka, you're guaranteed the best of what the spirit has to offer: a crisp, clean profile, a smooth talker that's versatile enough to match steps with citrus or flirt outrageously with berries, and invigorating cocktails, every single time.

To give the McDowell’s X Series Vodka its due, all you need to do is spin it into the four summer cocktail recipes we're sharing with you today. Ready? Let's dive in!


1. The Lemon Fizz

If summer is all about the zesty freshness of citrus, be it in the form of tangy lemon, tart lime or sweet-and-sour oranges, then a great showcase for it is this vodka cocktail. Made with Sprite and McDowell’s X Series Vodka, and the critical ingredient — a juicy lemon wedge — this one's bound to be a hit any time you mix it for a gathering.

lemon fizz

What you need:

Highball glasses, a jigger, a bar spoon, reusable drinking straws


McDowell’s X Series Vodka - 45 ml
Sprite - 150 ml
Lime wedges - 2
Ice cubes

How to mix:

i. Fill a highball glass to the top with ice cubes.
ii. Measure 45 ml of McDowell’s X Series Vodka with your jigger and pour over the ice.
iii. Top up with Sprite, and using the bar spoon, stir gently.
iv. Add the lime wedges as a garnish to finish the drink. Serve with a smile!

2. The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is, despite its name, a wholly American invention. It's been delighting cocktail enthusiasts since the 1940s, and for good reason: its wonderful mix of ginger beer, lime juice and of course, vodka, served in the signature copper/metal mugs, delivers a sweet and refreshing sip every single time. If you mix it for your summer party, your reputation as The. Best. Host. Ever is a done deal.

moscow mule

What you need:

A copper or metal mug (optional), stirrers, cocktail napkins and coasters


McDowell’s X Series Vodka - 60 ml
Ginger Beer - 200 ml
Lime juice - 15 ml (i.e. juice of one lime)
Lemon zest
Crushed ice

How to mix:

i. Fill the copper mug (or alternative glassware) about three-quarters of the way with crushed ice.
ii. Measure and pour the McDowell’s X Series Vodka into the mug.
iii. Now, add the lime juice. 
iv. Gently top with ginger beer and finish with the lemon zest. Serve pronto!

3. The Berry Smash

This very easy and always pleasing cocktail could have been created with just summer in mind. It's sweet and cool and pretty — in short, it would win every Miss Congeniality contest out there. An added bonus: You can tweak the same recipe to make two versions of the Berry Smash — one starring raspberry, and the other, strawberry. Everything else remains the same.

berry smash

You will need:

A cocktail shaker and jigger, a muddler, a Collins glass, reusable straws


McDowell’s X Series Vodka - 60 ml
House of McDowell’s Soda - to top
Strawberry OR Raspberry syrup - 15 ml (i.e. juice of one lime)
Mint leaves - 8 to 10
Lime juice - to taste
Fresh strawberry or raspberry for garnish

How to mix:

i. Muddle the mint leaves in your cocktail shaker to release its essential oils and fragrance.
ii. Add ice to the shaker, followed by McDowell’s X Series Vodka, a splash of lime juice, and the strawberry/raspberry syrup.
iii. Shake well to combine, then pour into the glass.
iv. Top with House of McDowell's Soda
v. Garnish with a fresh strawberry or raspberry, a mint sprig. Pop a straw into the glass and serve!

4. Mojito

Ah, does the Mojito even need an introduction? Its tart and minty flavours have refreshed palates even during the hottest of summers since time immemorial (or at least a few decades). Serve Mojitos at your summer house party so your guests can cool down and unwind in style.


You will need:

A cocktail shaker, a jigger, a muddler, a tall glass, drinking straw


McDowell’s X Series Vodka - 45 ml
House of McDowell’s Soda - to top
Simple syrup - 10 ml
Cucumber slices - 2
Fresh mint leaves - 2-3
Lime juice - 5-10 ml

How to mix:

i. Muddle the mint leaves with the simple syrup in a cocktail shaker, then add as much ice as you'd like.
ii. Measure and pour the McDowell’s X Series Vodka along with the lime juice, as per your taste. Shake well.
iii. Pour into a glass and top with House of McDowell's Soda.
iv. Garnish with cucumber for a truly fresh Mojito!


So there you have it! The only four vodka cocktails you need to make your summer party a success. Pair with light and delicious appetisers, fun party games and prioritising your guests' comfort for best results. And as always, do drink and serve responsibly! Summer or winter, moderation is always in season ;)

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