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Pair Whisky Cocktails With These Gourmet Cheeses At Your Next Soiree

whisky cocktails and cheese

A nutty, smokey and thoroughly decadent spirit, whisky makes for a thoroughly luxe experience. Whisky tasting journeys are about taking a trip through the origins, histories and distilling processes of quality spirits, revelling in their indulgent and complex notes. Over time, as cocktail cultures have garnered immense popularity the world over, whisky has slowly stepped out of its reputation as a drink connoting leather armchairs and gentleman’s clubs to become a very modern, dynamic spirit incorporated into interesting mixes.

From Old Fashioned to a delicious Whisky Sour, numerous whisky cocktails have been invented through centuries and have endured as favoured drinks among cocktail enthusiasts. And when paired with exquisite cheeses, whisky infused cocktails transcend the simple experience of having a drink at a bar to evolve into an elegant experience, perfect for hosting a cocktail night. There are certain cheeses that pair well with whisky cocktails so when you plan to host a cocktail evening and act as a mixologist, put out a cheese platter with some luxe gourmet cheeses that can be paired with those variations.

Read on to know more about some whisky cocktails and cheese pairings that can make for a supremely luxurious evening:

Mint Julep And Feta Cheese

Make your own version of Daisy Buchanan’s favourite cocktail and pair it with soft, crumbly feta cheese. The freshness of the mint and a hit of complex, bitter notes of bourbon in the cocktail are a contrast to the slight tang and creaminess of the soft cheese. You can pop a small bite of feta or a sharp goat’s cheese into your mouth to bring forth their acidic notes while a cool and refreshing mint julep acts as a palate cleanser.

cheese and cocktail pairings

Rob Roy And Gruyère

Made from delicious scotch whisky, bitters and some red vermouth, a Rob Roy can be wonderfully paired with a traditional Swiss Gruyère. Cheeses produced in the Swiss alpine regions have a certain nutty and smoky depth which pairs well with a complex spirit like scotch whisky that carries its own earthy flavour profile. Together, they spell a stunning combination for the taste buds.

Whisky Sour And Camembert 

For fans of the whisky sour, there is no other cheese to enhance its goodness than a soft, nearly melted camembert which can be scooped up to savour all its creaminess. Make whisky sour using the thoroughly indulgent Johnnie Walker Black Label single malt which carries deep fruity and spiced notes that pair well with the bitters in the cocktail. The creamy, sweet and mild flavours of a camembert or brie work wonders to balance the tartness of this mix.

Old Fashioned And French Comté

Old Fashioned is traditionally made using bourbon but you can also fashion this cocktail out of any other quality single malt which has an intense flavour profile. A soft Alpine cheese like French Comté is the perfect match for this complex and stout drink because it perfectly counteracts the intensity of a rye whisky or bourbon.

cocktails and cheese

Paper Plane And Goat’s Cheese

Bourbon or rye whisky is widely used in America to mix a number of delicious cocktails. One such variation is the Paper Plane infused with flavours of aperol and orange juice which give it a bit of tart and zing. Pair this concoction with fresh goat’s cheese, and garnish the cheese sliver with some lemon zest for an added kick.

Highball And Burrata 

Highball is essentially nothing but whisky and soda and a bit of ginger. You can make this simple cocktail out of a stunning Signature Premium Grain Whisky and serve it with plenty of ice. A highball can be paired with good old burrata or mozzarella whose mild flavours and salty profiles will nicely balance the depth and earthiness of a good grain whisky.

Boulevardier And Asiago

Make this rather sweet tasting cocktail with whisky and sweet vermouth along with quality Italian liqueurs. You can pair the boulevardier with aged asiago known for its slightly nutty taste and a hint of savoury notes. The drink can also go well with a stilton or blue cheese just in case you want to pack sharp notes into the pairing.

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