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Simple But Effective Coffee Bean Hacks To Elevate Your Cocktails

Coffee Bean Hacks

Coffee, universally adored for its morning pick-me-up, hides another talent up its sleeve: it's a cocktail enthusiast's secret ingredient. When those rich, aromatic beans meet the right spirits, they don't just mingle; they transform your drink into a harmony of flavours. Here's how you can bring this delightful ingredient to your home bar, featuring some fine spirits.

The idea of adding coffee beans to cocktails isn't about turning every drink into a coffee-flavoured concoction. Instead, it has more to do with harnessing their subtle power to enhance the flavours of the cocktail. Balance is key here. Too few beans, and you can barely notice the effect; too many and you might as well be sipping on an iced Americano.

Coffee Bean Hack

Not all coffee beans are created equal when it comes to cocktail infusions. Dark roast beans are particularly favoured for their robust, chocolatey undertones. Their rich taste profiles aid the complexities of various spirits, especially the darker ones like whisky or rum. A popular choice among mixologists is Pilon coffee, known for its Cuban roots and rich taste. However, even common dark-roasted Colombian beans can suffice, adding a touch of bold earthiness to the mix.

Bringing this innovative idea to your home bar can transform your cocktail experience. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to introduce coffee beans into your favourite drinks:

The Classic Old Fashioned

Muddle a sugar cube and bitters in a glass, add a splash of water, and then introduce 60 ml of a deep and smooth Johnnie Walker Black Label. Before adding ice, drop in five coffee beans. As the drink chills, the beans subtly infuse their depth, elevating the whisky's inherent notes.

Coffee Bean Hack

Coffee-infused Rum Punch

Stir together 60 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, a splash of pineapple juice, and a hint of lime. Add three coffee beans and let them sit for a moment. This infusion adds an earthiness that balances the citrusy profile of the beverage.

Extra Strong Espresso Martini

Shake up 50 ml Smirnoff Vodka, 20 ml of coffee liqueur, and a fresh espresso shot, along with a couple of coffee beans. Strain this mix into a chilled martini glass and watch as the coffee beans rise up in your glass, creating a visual treat. This martini will keep you up and energetic for hours!

Coffee Bean Hack

Gin & Tonic Reimagined

When two of your favourite drinks, gin and coffee, combine, there are bound to be fireworks. Mix 50 ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin and top it off with tonic water. Add to that some fresh orange juice for a citrus twist, and two coffee beans. To make things fancier, decorate the rim with a piece of orange rind.

Spiced Rum and Coffee

Place crushed dark roast coffee beans at the base of your glass. Stir in 60 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, a generous pinch of brown sugar, and a dash of bitters. Drop in some ice cubes and wait for the drink to chill. The spiced rum cosies up with the coffee, creating a warm drink that can give mulled wine a run for its money.