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Six Weird Alcohol Laws From Around The World You Want To Be Wary Of!

liquor laws around the world

Drinking alcohol to celebrate or to mourn lost loves might be a tradition as old as time, but there are several laws around liquor which have been put in place to encourage responsible drinking practices. Yet, there are other, more weird and bizarre laws around the world which are in tune with a particular region’s cultural moorings and you have to be familiar with them if you drink as a tourist. Many of these laws might seem quite arbitrary but they actually resonate with some of the belief systems around drinking and alcohol associated with that particular part of the globe.

From not drinking on a bicycle in Berlin, to carrying a liquor licence if you ever want to drink in certain parts of India, there are many rules around booze you can read up on if you love to travel.

Here are some of the more bizarre drinking and alcohol laws around the world that you can follow if you don’t want to end up in the clink:

Don’t Ride A Cow! – Scotland

If you ever go drinking in the Highlands, keep yourself away from cows! In Scotland it is absolutely illegal to propel a cow when you have had a fair bit of booze. Essentially, you cannot take charge of a cow when you are drunk or you will be fined a very hefty sum along with a bit of jail time. And if that’s not enough, it is also frowned upon to wear a proper Scottish kilt with underwear inside or you will be fined two beers!

Drink In Public But Not On A Bicycle – Germany

Some cities in Germany have laws which state that you can drink wherever you want in public, out in a park or even on the subway but, you cannot be intoxicated while on your bike! Berlin is one of those cities where this law is practised in full force and you can actually be sent for a psychological evaluation if you are found mounting a bicycle when you are all boozed up.

No Alcohol At Work… Except Wine Or Beer – France

France is one of the most colourful places in the world and its liquor laws are just as wonderful. You can drink absolutely no alcohol in your workplace, unless it is wine or beer. It is perfectly admissible to have a pint of beer while you are at work so you can enjoy a bit of frothy goodness especially if you are having a particularly typical and tiring work day.

Carry A Drinking Permit – Maharashtra, India

Drinking laws differ from state to state in India and one of the more interesting ones that exists in Maharashtra is that you need a permit to drink booze! Anyone who wishes to drink or carry alcohol with them from one place to another within state lines can do so with an alcohol permit that is issued by any government hospital. If you live here, then you have to grab a licence to enjoy a pint.

Only Four ‘Happy Hours’ – Australia

In a bid to curb excessive alcohol consumption, Australia has introduced a new drinking law which restricts happy hours in pubs and clubs to only four short hours of cheap drinking. The law also bans ‘two for one’ promotions to reduce the amount of liquor that is ordered at any bar on a given day.

Systembolaget For High ABV Booze – Sweden

It’s rather a bummer to go out looking for a drink in Sweden because any beer or spirit with an alcohol content of more than 3.5% needs to be purchased from a government store or a Systembolaget which is open only till 7 pm on weekdays, 3 pm on Saturdays and is entirely shut on Sundays. If you find yourself in Sweden, better plan right to indulge in some of your favoured spirits!

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