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Tell Us Which Bridgerton Character You're Most Like & We'll Pick The Perfect Drink For You

A cocktail based on which Bridgerton character you're most like

While we wait (and wait, and wait) for another season of Bridgerton, trying to revive once passionate debates about whether Daphne and Simon or Anthony and Kate had the better chemistry (of course the answer is Anthony-Kate!), browse through blog posts and social media pages dedicated to Regency Era fashions, and desultorily wonder if we should immerse ourselves in that latest bestselling bodice ripper, here's a fun quiz to keep your longing at bay. It determines which cocktail is your perfect match, based on the Bridgerton character you're most like.

The best way to take it is to lounge languidly on the sofa in full evening costume while wondering who among the ton will be dropping by into your parlour of a fine evening. Ready? Let's go!

Q. Which one of these best describes what you’re likely to do on a Friday night?

a. Attend a fancy dinner party with your bosom pals.

b. A live jazz concert with classic cocktails and a gorgeous singer.

c. An evening in to focus on your writing. 

d. A glamorous, themed event with a touch of mystery.

Q. What’s your dressing style?

a. Elegant and timeless

b. Bold and vibrant. Love them colours! 

c. Classic but subtle

d. The latest trend

Q. How do you handle romantic relationships?

a. Very relaxed with no pressure 

b. Extremely expressive and need to be heard

c. Take time to open up and be comfortable

d. Passionate and romantic.

Q. What’s your favourite colour out of these?

a. Royal Blue

b. Fiery Red

c. Snow White 

d. Back to Black 

Q. Which of these best describes your kind of party?

a. High tea and gossip. 

b. Dancing away at a club.

c. A themed ball with gowns and suits. 

d. Glamorous private parties with a select by-invite-only list. 

Q. What’s your favourite type of music?

a. Jazz

b. Pop

c. Opera

d. Rock 

Q. What’s your favourite fragrance?

a. Lavender

b. Green Tea

c. Vanilla

d. Aqua 

Q. And, how do you navigate challenges?

a. Head on 

b. With reservations and tactics.

c. I succumb and cry until it goes away. 

d. Diplomacy is key. 

Q. If you lived in the 16th century, what would be your preferred mode of transportation?

a. A lively and colourful carriage with friends for company.

b. A classic and modest carriage.

c. A sleek and mysterious carriage with tinted windows.

d. A stylish and elegant carriage with a touch of artistic flair.

Q. What screams “romantic getaway” to you?

a. A grand estate in the countryside.

b. A bustling city with vibrant nightlife.

c. A cosy cottage by the seaside.

d. A secluded castle with a rich history.

Answer Key

If most options are:

A: Your drink is a Martini – classic and elegant like Daphne Bridgerton. You appreciate the elegant and the timeless, and you’re not afraid to express how you feel. 

B: An Old Fashioned – Like Anthony, you’re a little reserved in the way you see the world and you’re a bit old fashioned, but with a fiery passion for love and what you truly believe in. 

C: Sip a Gin & Tonic – Much like Simon, you’re extremely concerned about those you love and feel overly protective of them. A straightforward yet sublime G&T really works for you. 

D: Oooh, you get a Manhattan – Like Lady Danbury, you’re dynamic and fearless and people respect you for who you are. The bold flavours of a Manhattan perfectly complement you. 

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