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The Perfect Drink To Pair With Your Favourite Seafood

seafood and drinks

Which drinks work best with fish? Wine—white or red? Beer—light or dark? Cocktails—sweet or sour? The right pairing can mean the difference between a great meal and a bad taste in your mouth. Don’t worry: we’ll help you sort through which drinks pair best with fish.

What kind of drink goes well with seafood? White wine or red wine? Rum of whisky? The alcoholic beverage that accompanies seafood will make a huge impact on whether you enjoy your meal or not. Below are tips that tell you which boozy beverage works with which kind of seafood.


It is rightly said that white wine works well with fish, whereas red wine works with heavier meaty dishes. This is because red wine has tannins, a bitter-tasting compound whose flavour only compounds after interacting with oils in the fish. Hence, white wine makes the perfect pairing instead of red wine which will leave a bitter taste and metallic flavour in your mouth.

You may have heard the rule of thumb to pair white wine with fish and save the red wine for heavier dishes like steak and lamb. But what’s behind it? Isn’t the best wine the one that you enjoy the most?

It’s all about the tannins. These bitter compounds give red wine much of its unique flavour. Tannins leave a strong taste in your mouth that can interact with the oils in fish, imparting bitterness and even a metallic flavour. To get the most out of your fish, opt for the clean, refreshing pairing of white wine.

seafood drinks


Beer is the perfect drink to gulp down when having fried fish and shellfish. The clean and crisp texture of the beer nicely washes down the protein and fat and leaves you feeling refreshed.


When it comes to crustaceans, choose dark rum to pair with them. A juicy, buttery crab or lobster filled with succulent meat tastes amazing with a spicy, fruity rum.


The clean, smooth texture and lack of flavour in vodka complements the similar clean flavours of grilled fish.


Citrusy, salty notes are a great combination with tequila. Grab a bottle whenever you are having oysters or fish tacos so that it balances the spicy, acidic flavours.


Gin goes perfectly well with smoked fish. Take a nice big bite of the smoky fish with earthy notes and take a sip of gin when the morsel is still in your mouth. When the gin's complex herbal complexity meets the charred fish, together they exude a delightful flavour.

seafood and drinks


Opt for whisky when you order a simple meal of premium fillet of salmon and trout. The depth of the whisky's flavour matches the fish's taste very well.

If you’re keeping things simple with a premium fillet of salmon or trout, then reach for the whisky. The fish will provide body while the whisky offers depth to liven things up.

While it's great to learn about making cocktails and alcoholic beverages, it is important to consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately

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