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What Drinks Should You Pair With Pork? Here Are Some Perfect Combinations To Choose From

pork cocktail

One of the most popular meats around the world, especially in the Americas and South East Asian countries is pork. Let’s find out the perfect alcoholic beverages that go well with pork dishes.

Pulled Pork Barbecue  

A slow-cooker pulled pork barbecue, made with preferred barbeque sauce, has a complex in flavour and deserves world-class cocktail, wine, or beer pairing. 

Cocktail Pairing

The strong, bold flavours of BBQ pork go well with a drink having light, airy notes and darker spirit base. Aged whiskies with soda including cocktails such as John Collins, Lynchburg Lemonade or the simple Highball blend harmoniously with this dish. Aged rum concoctions such as Anejo highball with ginger beer also work beautifully with BBQ pork,

Beer Pairing

Since pulled pork BBQ bursts with taste and aromas, it needs a contrasting flavoured beer. A beer that complements the flavours of the pork will get lost among its overpowering tastes. So, the best pairing would be the bright and citrusy American Pale Ale. Strong hop notes will shine along with the spices, caramelised onions, tomatoes etc . The ale's notes will also help clean the palate.

Wine Pairing

If your pulled pork barbeque recipe has an overall tangy flavour, then rosé wine pairs refreshingly well. Rosé is a versatile wine and can be paired with a variety of flavours –- from salty to sweet notes of a barbeque sauce to peppery and spicy flavours in the dish.

pork cocktail

Pork tenderloin 

This versatile cut of meat can be paired with bold fruity drinks and those filled with spices as well as spirits with subtle notes.


This classic cocktail with lime, mint and white rum pairs well with Cuban-style pork tenderloin cooked with cilantro and lime. The mojito enhances the pork's taste with its combination of sweet and sour. This pairing is great for a summer well. Mojito also goes well with spicy pork served with black beans and rice.

Classic Old Fashioned

This drink combines beautifully with pork tenderloin and apple. It brings out the subtleties in a roast tenderloin. 


This beer cocktail is a refreshing drink that contrasts with a rich pork tenderloin which is heavy on spices.


This drink pairs perfectly with pork tenderloin cooked with cumin and cayenne pepper pairs, a delicious beer cocktail made using dark Mexican beer, Worcestershire sauce, lime, Tabasco and black pepper. Michelada made using Mexican spices complements spicy pork dishes.

Hot Apple Cider with Rum

This warming drink popularly consumed during the winter is an atypical choice to pair with pork tenderloin. Apple and pork are a classic combination in culinary traditions. This drink compliments pork tenderloin recipes having subtle spices. The hot drink accentuates the meat and also keeps you warm on a cold winter's night.

Apple Martini (Appletini)

Since pork and apple are traditionally paired in culinary customs, an apple-flavoured cocktail works deliciously with pork tenderloin. It’s sour and brings out the flavours of the meat, making it a great drink to pair with the dish.


Pork dishes have a lot of fat, so wines with a good amount of acidity work well. The wines with added fruity flavours will add a punch to a drink and help it stand out with the dish.

Pork Belly

Since this is a fatty dish, the wine pairing should have a lot of acidity so that your palate is refreshed after every sip. A dry German riesling can stand up to the bold taste of belly pork.

Pulled Pork

Smoky dishes such as pulled pork need a wine with lots of freshness. A rioja with light tannins goes perfectly with the dish.

Pork Pie

Cabernet Franc with its light body and slight acidity blends well with pork pie. 

pork cocktail


Sausages are easy to make and have an uncomplicated flavour profile. Wines with similar body and flavour combine well with this dish. Beaujolais, hence makes for a perfect pairing with sausages and can even handle a heavy hand of seasonings.


Grenache goes well with the saltiness in the gammon, making them both a great combination.

Exotic Combinations

If you are having a Korean-inspired pork dish, be sure to pair it with soju, the traditional drink made with rice and grain distil.

While it's great to learn about making alcoholic beverages, it is important to also consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.