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Your Dream Bollywood Wedding Is Just 5 Unique Ideas Away

Your Dream Bollywood Wedding Is Just 5 Unique Ideas Away

BOLLYWOOD-inspired wedding themes have been around for ages. But let's shake things up a bit and inject some fresh energy and modern flair that even the new wave of Bollywood enthusiasts would rave about. Grab your shaker and your most colourful glassware; we're about to mix up some drinks that'll have your guests feeling like they're walking the red carpet, Bollywood style.

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-inspired Decor

This one’s for those who spent years shipping Naina and Bunny. Picture walking into a venue that's bursting with colours—fuchsia, turquoise and gold drapes dancing in the breeze; each corner twinkling with fairy lights, making the entire place sparkle like the stars in the sky. Your tables are adorned with wildflowers, all casually arranged in brass vases, as if they've been plucked straight from a meadow in the mountains where Bunny and Naina found their adventures and each other. It's not just about making a venue look pretty; it's about capturing that signature youthful energy and the beauty of fleeting moments.

Your Dream Bollywood Wedding Is Just 5 Unique Ideas Away

Bollywood Adventures

Imagine kicking off the celebrations with a scavenger hunt that's a journey through the couple's love story, leading guests to spots that hold their laughter, tears, and dreams. Or perhaps a friendly dance-off competition inspired by the film's iconic numbers. It's all about creating experiences that celebrate friendship, love, and the joy of living in the moment.

The Queen Quencher

Remember the protagonist’s epic journey of self-discovery and empowerment in Queen? This cocktail channels her boldness with a charming soft side. Shake 45 ml of Antiquity Blue with a homemade vanilla bean syrup, a touch of cream for some delightful indulgence, and a shot of cold brew coffee to fuel adventures like the protagonist’s. Strain it into a chilled glass and garnish with a few coffee beans. It's a cocktail that’s as ready for its moment as the relatable Rani.

Your Dream Bollywood Wedding Is Just 5 Unique Ideas Away

Bollywood’s Drink of Choice

Inspired by Bollywood’s favourite spirit, featured liberally in Devdas, let’s make an extraordinary highball. Take 45 ml of Black & White Scotch Whisky, blend it with freshly brewed green tea (for a happier ending than Devdas’), and sweeten with a homemade honey-ginger syrup. It’s a nod to the classics with a modern twist, served in a highball glass that's ready for its close-up. It’s retro, it’s refreshing, and it’s sure to get everyone talking.

The Complicated Collins

What are Bollywood films without complicated family dynamics and emotional depth? Channelling that complexity, this cocktail is a sophisticated twist on the classic Tom Collins. Mix 45 ml of Black & White with lemon juice, a touch of rose water, and soda water, creating a layered drink that will remind you of an eyebrow-raising storyline. Serve in a tall, elegant glass, garnished with a rose petal and a lemon twist—something straight out of a chic Bollywood set.

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