Thyme-Plum Moscow Mule

Thyme-Plum Moscow Mule


  • Ketel One Vodka - 235ml
  • 28728-ingredients-0
  • Lime juice - 60ml
  • 28728-ingredients-1
  • Ginger beer - 350ml
  • 28728-ingredients-2
  • Plums - 4
  • 28728-ingredients-3
  • Fresh thyme sprigs - 10
  • 28728-ingredients-4


Grab a pitcher and pour 235ml of Ketel One vodka, 60ml of lime juice, 2 thinly sliced plums and 8 fresh thyme sprigs. 

Using a bar spoon stir the contents until they are well mixed.

Add 350ml of ginger beer to the picture and gently stir the mixture.

Pour the drink into cocktail glasses and garnish the drinks with thinly sliced plums and thyme sprigs.

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