5 Essentials To Complete Your Home Mini-Bar

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Setting up a well-stocked mini-bar is important, especially when you are entertaining a lot of people at home. But how does one decide what are the rudimentary things that a mini-bar must have?

First, bar essentials are those items that you will always need. You may add or remove items from your essentials list later based on your usage. Stocking up the bar might seem expensive, but it is a good investment considering spirits will last indefinitely and you can grow your collection and have a rich assortment of liquor.

Let's get to the top five essentials, shall we?

Spirits, liqueurs and mixers

mini-bar spirits

It goes without saying that gin, rum, whiskey, tequila, vodka are a must considering they also make for key ingredients for cocktails. Light, or white rum, is the base of tropical drinks. Dark rum leaves a molasses-like taste in cocktails. So you can have a smaller bottle of dark rum, in case it doesn't go with your palate. When it comes to whiskey, you can take your pick between Bourbon, Scotch, Tennessee, Rye, Irish, Japanese, and more.  Bourbon  Tennessee whiskey, as well as Rye, is best suited for cocktails.

For liqueurs, let your personal taste be your guiding light. Orange liqueur, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream are simply delicious. Meanwhile, vermouth is a must for martinis (dry) and Manhattans (sweet).

Mixers are as significant as spirits. You need at least one or two of them to make a cocktail. From carbonated mixers such as tonic water, club soda, and flavoured sodas to bitters and grenadines, you need them all for your drink. Fruit and veggie juices and syrups are also a must-have for the bar.


mini-bar garnishes

One of the most important aspects of making cocktails is how you present it. Garnishes make the drink appetising, giving the drinks a delightful look and also a burst of flavour. Make sure you have olives, citrus fruits and/or peels, maraschino, or cocktail cherries at hand. Many of them are easily available in the grocery store. Specialty retailers also have them for the very purpose of cocktail-making.

Bar Toolkit

mini-bar essentials toolkit

You will find that there's an endless list of bar tools one can have. But just a few of them can provide 99 percent of the necessary functionality. Most people have some of the tools already at their homes. So check out our list to see if you have all the necessary ones. The essentials include bottle openers, corkscrews, jiggers (measuring cups), shakers and strainers, mixing glass and spoons, ice makers/moulds and ice buckets. In addition to these, you will definitely need juicers, cutting boards and peelers.


mini-bar glassware essentials

While you may feel the desire to have different kinds of glasses: shooters, collins glasses, tumblers, highball glasses, cocktail glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, you will be surprised to know only a handful of sizes of glasses will suffice your needs. Coupe glasses, collins glasses and rocks glasses are must-haves for your mini-bar. Coupe glasses can substitute for champagne flutes, martini glasses, and margarita glasses and their curved rim ensures less spillage. Collins glasses are tall, skinny, straight glasses that hold plenty of liquids. Rock glasses, which are also called old-fashioned glasses, are short tumblers. They are best used for neat drinks and some mixed drinks.

Bar Carts And/Or Cabinets

mini-bar bar cart

It is natural to want to showcase your liquor collection. But you don't need to have expensive and fancy cabinets to stock them. Opt for classy or stylish bar carts and/or cabinets, depending on your taste and your home's decor. There are many budget-friendly bar carts and cabinets.

While enjoying the occasional drink is all right, we do not support drinking beyond the prescribed limit. It is important to drink and serve liquor responsibly.

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