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9 Interesting Ways To Set Up A Home Bar In Small Spaces

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If you enjoy entertaining at home then don't stop the lack of space from building a home bar for yourself. A nifty-looking bar can be set up by customising existing space in your home. Square-foot restrictions don't apply when you can be innovative in using available space. And it will be just as stylish and functional as regular home bars.

Here are nine solutions that will help you make your home bar in the tiniest of spaces.

Wooden Tops As Trays

If you have a cabinet or a dresser whose top space is lying vacant, you can set up a bar in that area, that too aesthetically! Keep your liquor collection in the open as you would on a tray or a bar cart. You can install a mirror behind so that it adds to the elegance of your bar.


Bookshelves can transform into sophisticated home bars when decorated in the right way. Choose a rich colour for the shelf and set up your mini home bar. You can put exquisite wallpaper on the wall space around it to demarcate it as a home bar.

Wine storage

Are you a wine connoisseur? If yes, then here's a way to stock up your collection beautifully. Simply add slanted shelves to your cabinets and lo! You have yourself a wine cabinet!

Repurposing Cabinets

home bar cabinets small space

You can repurpose cabinets to make them part of your home bar. You just have to replace the doors with more functional ones. Stock the bar. Use the top as well to place your mini-bar elements. Add a tantalizingly beautiful wallpaper to the wall on top. You can also have a backsplash wall so that your bar stands out.

Dutch Doors

Partition a small yet roomy space for your home bar by installing a Dutch door. Within this space, you can set up your home bar with the alcohol, glassware, necessary appliances and the rest of the jazz.

Secretary Desk

If space is really an issue and coming in the way of setting up a home bar, then here's an idea! Use something as small as a secretary desk to turn into a cabinet for your home bar. Tuck in things which are not regularly used. Use the top to display your glassware and the liquor collection. Add some wall art or home decor pieces to complete the look.


home bar decor pantry small space

Segregate some space in your pantry for your home bar! You can decorate that area interestingly to make it look like a distinct home bar space.


Want to save more space while setting up the home bar? Just repurpose a nightstand! You can aesthetically decorate the area to make it officially look like your home bar.

Wine Rack

homebar rack small space

Got a free corner in the house? Place a slim wine rack and fill it up with your collection of alcohol. A minimalist design that takes little effort but a lot of imagination.

So based on the above suggestions, it is safe to say you can repurpose most pieces of furniture in your house into a home bar. Ensure you have all the bar tools and appliances. You can even reuse coat closets, trolleys, wall units, armoire and more. Get creative with the decor. Add some home decor, wall art, wallpaper, and even potted plants to give the home bar area a refined finish. These above ideas help you save space and also a lot of money that would otherwise go into building a home bar from scratch.

While it is great to entertain people at your home, and is many times a safer choice than drinking outside, do note that we encourage alcohol consumption only in moderation. Drinking and serving alcohol responsibly is a choice that will keep you healthy and out of harm's way.

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