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Bengaluru Nightlife - Exploring the Hidden Pubs & Lounges Near You

Bengaluru Nightlife Cover

Hey there, pals! Are you looking to do something fun for the night? Explore these pubs and lounges in Bengaluru which will take your nightlife experience to a whole new level. Catch up with your friends and organise a get-together party in these fun and visually pleasing pubs. Here are a few suggestions for pubs and lounges to escalate your Bengaluru nightlife experience. These pubs, bars, clubs, and lounges will give you an experience like never before.

Bengaluru's Nightlife: Top Pubs & Lounges for Epic Get-Together Parties!

1. Meter Bar

Do you want to savour your favourite alcohol while being charged based on the time you take to finish the drink? You should visit the Meter Bar located in Vega city mall. Organise a get-together party and sip on the delectable dishes as the meter starts ticking. Satisfy your taste buds by ordering some delicious dishes and cocktails. Meter Bar is a place with a classic setting. You will surely enjoy spending your time over there.

2. Oia

For those people who like going to pubs which are aesthetic, this is your call. Oia is Asia’s one of the largest pubs which is located in Hennur, Bengaluru. This place offers a beautiful sight as the theme is Greek inspired. You also have poolside tables to sit and savour your cocktails making every sip memorable. You will find varied cuisines on the menu. It is ideal for organising a get-together party and creating memories with your loved ones. Make Instagram-worthy moments when you go there. The ambience of this place is worth all your money.

3. Babylonia

Koramangala in Bengaluru is known for partying. If you want to spend a night around youngsters, then this location is for you. Babylonia located in the 7th block of Koramangala offers a captivating visual ambience for you to enjoy. It is a Greek-themed pub having white structures around it. The cocktails and cuisines in this place are worth trying.

4. Indian Biere House

Indian Biere House adds another delightful dimension to Bengaluru’s nightlife and exotic brewery scene. With its magnificent decor, it sets the stage for a memorable evening. The menu offers delicious multiple cuisines. Make your evening more fun by trying Sushi-Maki rolls and Japanese Robata Grills. It’s one of the must-visit lounges to truly experience the vibrant nightlife of Bengaluru.

5. Daysie

Daysie is a captivating all-day casual bar that embodies a vibrant atmosphere, drawing inspiration from worldwide cultures. The menu offers a fusion of flavours that will leave your taste buds thanking you. With an enticing and extensive drinks menu, the cocktails have a delightful Indian touch that will delight the senses.

Explore the hidden pubs and lounges in this amazing city. Embrace Bengaluru's vibrant nightlife and ensure to captivate your senses and create unforgettable memories during a get-together party.

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