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Pairing Unique Vodka Cocktails with Asian-Inspired Cuisine

asian flavours in vodka

How does a voyage that takes us from the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the vibrant Korea Town of Los Angeles sound, all from the comfort of your dining table? Let’s discover the magic of pairing understated yet complex vodka cocktails with a rich variety of Asian-inspired cuisine. This fusion is guaranteed to make your weekend more adventurous, offering a much-needed spin on your typical Friday night dinner fare.

Ginger-Lychee Vodka

For something a little spicy and a little sweet, dive into an exotic Ginger-Lychee Vodka. Muddle a few slices of ginger and 15 grams of lychee pulp in a glass. Pour in 60 ml of your favourite vodka. Top it off with club soda and garnish with a mint leaf. For an easy snack, try some teriyaki chicken wings. Bake the wings or toss them in the air fryer. Once done, coat them in teriyaki sauce and you have a sticky, sweet treat that complements the zing of the cocktail.

Tajin Mango Vodka

Next, let's bring back the heat and sweetness with a Tajin Mango Vodka. Mix 60 ml Ketel One vodka with mango puree, a hint of chilli powder and a splash of lime. Next, roll the rim of a chilled glass into a plate of tajin to spice things up. This drink will transport you to the world’s best coastlines, wherever you are. And what better to go with this than chicken yakitori? It's just skewered chicken with a simple soy-based dipping sauce; the spiciness of the dish plays well with the sweet heat of the cocktail.

mango vodka

Espresso Cream Vodka

Finally, for those who love a little buzz, we have Espresso Vodka. All you need is 60 ml Ketel One vodka, a shot or 60 ml of espresso and 30 ml Baileys Irish Cream for the best aperitif cocktail. It’s like the best part of waking your appetite up before a delicious meal. Match this with chocolate mochi and you can buy them ready-made or give them a go yourself. The soft, sweet mochi makes for a delightful contrast to the bold coffee flavours of the drink.

Lemon Basil Vodka

Keep it simple and sophisticated with a Lemon Basil Vodka. Just 60 ml Ciroc vodka, lemon, basil and a little splash of agave syrup, shaken with a handful of ice cubes. This concoction is refreshing and packs an herbal punch. Whip up some Korean rice balls, or jumeokbap; just mould some sushi rice into balls. You can fill them in with chunks of tuna or smoked salmon and roll them in seaweed seasoning. You've got a fancy bite that's a breeze to make.

lemon basic vodka

Cucumber Mint Vodka

First up, the Cucumber Mint Vodka: a drink that’s as easy to make as it sounds. Grab 60 ml Smirnoff vodka, muddle a bit of cucumber and mint, add a squeeze of lime and top off with soda. Here’s a drink that’s crisp, fresh and sippable. Pair it with some homemade veggie spring rolls. Just wrap some julienned carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers in rice paper, and you’ve got a crunchy, fresh partner for your cool cocktail.

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