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Six Jamun Drinks To Refresh Your Palate In Summer

Six Jamun Drinks To Refresh Your Palate In Summer

Tropical mocktail and cocktail mixes are a colourful blend of fruity flavours, herbs and spices which celebrate seasonal blossoms and ingredients in abundance to craft some mouthwatering recipes. One such seasonal fruit that has made it into modern mixology is the jamun, with its deep purple hues and its sweet and tangy taste that blends well in a vodka or gin concoction. There are myriad recipes which incorporate jamun juice or a thick jamun and sugar syrup into drinks to celebrate its distinctly sweet and sour flavours that become a refreshing respite to beat the heat in summers. Infused with tons of ice, the drinks act as rejuvenating quenchers too and carry a rather irresistible appeal in summertime.

There is a singular pleasure in plucking jamuns from a tree, reminiscent of many evenings spent playing outdoors. Adding fresh jamun juice to drinks only augments this nostalgic ode to times gone by. There are many spins on a classic jamun juice that incorporate different flavours and textures to make tasty mixes other than a simple jamun sherbet.

Here are some delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic jamun drinks that will thoroughly refresh your palate and leave you feeling fresh during warm climes:

Jamun Basil Smash

You might think that this is quite the eclectic combination but jamun and basil go really well together. Each one brings out the aromas and flavours of the other to craft a drink that is sweet and herby. And what better spirit other than the botanical-infused gin to make this cocktail sing? Use a Tanqueray No. 10 gin and some simple syrup to mix this cocktail made from the fresh fruit.

Jamun Lemonade

Lemonade is a versatile drink and can be served with a helping of many fruity textures to make different variations out of a simple recipe. While the pink hues of strawberry lemonade are adequately cute, turn your lemon sherbet game up a notch by pouring generous helpings of jamun juice into the mix. This non-alcoholic beverage enjoyed on a bed of ice is the perfect quencher after a good game of tennis or badminton on a summer evening.

Jamun And Ginger Fizz

Any fizzy cocktail with the zesty notes of ginger packs quite a kick. The ginger lights bright sparks on your taste buds while a quality vodka gives you a delightfully light buzz. Make this drink just a tad bit zingier with the inclusion of the sour notes of the jamun fruit. Use fresh jamun juice to craft this cocktail along with tons of ginger beer and premium Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka for packing it with a kick.

Jamun Iced Tea

On summer afternoons, a tall, inviting glass of iced tea with tons of ice cubes is the perfect respite from rising temperatures. Forget the usual peach and lemon variations and go for something fun with a jamun concoction that blends the intensity of quality brewed tea with the sourness and tang of jamun juice.

Jamun Margarita

This variation of the classic cocktail makes use of jamun pulp to shake up a delicious cocktail with a deep hue and a vibrant flavour profile. Mix some quality Don Julio Reposado tequila, triple sec, lime and jamun pulp in a shaker before pouring the drink into a salt rimmed glass. Enjoy this cocktail with some vibrant food pairings like kebabs for the full summer barbecue effect.

Coconut Jamun Splash

The seasonal fruit is actually an amazing flavour to build some classic recipes. One of them is a simple coconut water concoction whose profile can be elevated with the zestiness of the tiny purple fruit to introduce an altogether complex taste in a simple drink. Make a cooling coconut jamun splash using sweet tender coconut water and fresh jamun juice poured over lots of ice.


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