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Six Mulberry Cocktails For Going Beyond The Usual Citrus Notes


In a world brimming with berry cocktails, mulberries bring a surprising flavour profile to cocktails. Perhaps sometimes going beyond the usual citrus notes of strawberries, oranges, and cranberries. This dark, sweet berry, often relegated to pies and jams, is now finding its way into bars and home kitchens. Let’s explore six unique mulberry-infused drinks that showcase how this fruit can transform the familiar into something utterly captivating, including whisky and scotch concoctions.

Mulberry Whisky Sour

Take the classic whisky sour. Add mulberries. The result? A cocktail that's both familiar and novel. Mash a few mulberries in a thick glass and stir in 50 ml Black Dog Whisky. Finish off with 15 ml of lemon and 10 ml of homemade syrup. It’s a drink with a fruity punch, perfect for those evenings when you crave something both comforting and exciting.

Spiced Mulberry Whisky Warmer

For a cosy, warming drink, the Spiced Mulberry Whisky Warmer is ideal. Heat 50 ml of Johnnie Walker Black with mulled spices and a spoonful of mulberry jam. Serve in a heat-proof glass, garnished with a cinnamon stick. The whisky’s richness perfectly complements the spiced, sweet mulberries, creating a comforting, soothing beverage meant for chilly evenings.

Mulberry Cocktail

Mulberry Bourbon Bliss

For bourbon aficionados, the Mulberry Bourbon Bliss is a dream. It starts with 50 ml of Black Dog Triple Gold, into which a spoonful of mulberry compote and a splash of Black and Winter Ginger Ale are added. Garnish with a twist of orange peel for a cocktail that is also a looker. The woody flavours of the bourbon find a sweet companion in mulberries. The ginger ale’s effervescence offers a beverage that’s both indulgent and refreshing.

Refreshing Mulberry Gin Spritz

Gin lovers, here’s something for you. Boil a couple of mashed mulberries with some water and brown sugar to make a classic mulberry syrup. Once cool, throw in 50 ml Tanqueray and 10 ml of lime juice in a glass, and add in a spoonful of our fresh mulberry syrup. Top the glass with Gordon’s tonic water for a refreshing taste. The light, bubbly, and subtly bitter notes of this drink are ideal for lazy afternoons or as a chic dinner party starter.

The Reinvented Mojito: Mulberry Magic

Mojitos get a makeover with mulberries. Blend a handful of mulberries, a couple of sprigs of mint, and 10 ml of lime. Take 50 ml Captain Morgan rum and stir in the mulberry blend. Shake and serve in a glass over crushed ice. It’s familiar yet different—the kind of drink that makes you sit up and take notice—a fresh twist on an old favourite.

mulberry mojito

The Sober Star: Mulberry Mocktail Sparkler

Not in the mood for alcohol? Try the Mulberry Mocktail. Mix 15 ml of mulberry syrup with a squeeze of lemon. Top with sparkling water or Gordon’s tonic water. It’s simple, yes, but far from plain. A sober choice that doesn’t compromise on taste or fun.
Each recipe showcases mulberries in a new light, proving they’re more than just another berry. They bring a unique depth and sweetness, transforming traditional cocktails into something unexpected and delightful.

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