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Why Godawan Single Malt Whisky Makes For The Perfect Gift This Festive Season

Godawan Single Malt for gifting

The festive season is here. That’s short for finally getting the downtime to chill with your loved ones. 

Now, the hard part is planning and preparing for the festivities. You need to organise parties, luncheons, and brunches; arrange the decor, and buy gifts for your folks. But, when it comes to gifting, nothing works as well as the ones where you put in a lot of thought and effort. More than the cost of the gift, it is the intent that truly matters when you are gifting someone you really care about.

It is also important to understand the concern of climate change and the carbon footprint we are leaving behind. Today, there are many gifting items which are created consciously, factoring in environment-friendly methods of production.

One such product is Diageo India's Godawan Single Malt Whisky. How and why does this liquor make for the perfect gift?

godawan whisky and water

This single malt whisky is an artisanal liquor that pays homage to the Indian state of Rajasthan, a desert habitat of the elusive and critically endangered bird—The Great Indian Bustard. In fact, the name of the bird in the local language is Godawan and the liquor is named after the creature.

It is made using a unique whisky-making process:

-- Slow-trickle distillation from locally sourced six-row barley

-- Uniquely matured at temperatures reaching 100°F

-- Finished in special casks selectively curated with Indian botanicals  

The six-row barley provides a high protein content to the whisky and gives it a unique flavour profile. The fermentation cycle of 55-65 hours ensures that the whisky has the maximum malt character of the barley. Due to the high temperatures in Rajasthan, the maturation is faster, which causes the spirit to have a depth of flavour.

The Godawan comes in two flavours. The whisky gets its vibrant flavour from two botanicals. The casks, previously steeped in these botanicals, give the drink a spicy note. The two flavourful offerings are called Rich & Rounded’ and ‘Fruit & Spice.

godawan two flavours

The whisky is made using local ingredients, a water-positive distillery, thus ensuring it is a sustainable product. The makers of the liquor also pay tribute to Rajasthan by incorporating cultural aspects of the region in its packaging, which also happens to be sustainable! They used their Conscious Design™ process to specify sustainable materials in line with its luxury credentials, such as Fedrigoni’s Materica Gesso for the label – an FSC-certified stock with a percentage of recycled paper. The packaging also showcases the region's notable craftsmanship.

Thus, Godawan Single Malt Whisky is a beautiful gift you can share with your family and friends. It is flavourful, locally produced, and sustainable. You get to strike at two goalposts at once - a sophisticated and warm gift for your loved ones, while helping sustainability.

While it is great to celebrate using tasty liquor accompaniments, it is always advisable to consume alcohol moderately. Always make a note of serving and drinking liquor in limited amounts. This will ensure you stay in good health and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who finds it difficult to drink in moderation, please refer them to a professional immediately.