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Appy Hosting: Here’s 6 Apps That Are Ideal For Party Planning

Appy Hosting: Here’s 6 Apps That Are Ideal For Party Planning

When it comes to party planning, there are multiple elements one needs to consider. From settling on a theme to determining the dress code, food and drink, party favours and decor ideas, organising a celebratory affair can take quite a toll.

And if you want to slowly and steadily build your reputation as a good host, or persist in your efforts to throw a good party, considering all these factors becomes paramount so guests have a good time. Rapid strides made by technology and fast speed internet can come to your rescue at such moments to make these party planning endeavours smoother.

There are several apps out there which help you draft guest lists, sort out your menus and enable you to do some basic budgeting. As well, when you collaborate with friends or relatives to organise a party, such apps could be your best buddy. All your lists can be viewed and edited together and you can split the expenses to the last decimal. Party planning apps then facilitate a lot of organisation and attention to detail when you are hosting a themed event, a formal dinner or any other kind of social gathering.

Here are some apps you can download to make party planning easier and more fun when you are next playing a good host:

Appy Hosting: Here’s 6 Apps That Are Ideal For Party Planning

ProParty Planner

You can use this comprehensive app to plan and organise several aspects essential to your party on a single dashboard. Download this app from your PlayStore or AppStore and create task lists, set reminders, track your budget and craft your shopping list to be armed with all the essential checklists required to execute your party planning work to precision.

The app will also help you to tick off RSVPs as and when you receive them and its augmented reality feature will enable you to visualise how your seating chart will look at a formal dinner.


When you are hosting a large gathering for dinner or an afternoon tea, you have to be very diligent about the seating chart to ensure that the guests placed next to each other engage in stimulating conversations and spirited dialogue. AllSeated is an app that will help you perform this function smoothly. The application allows you to prepare a guest list and create a seating arrangement using a digital floor plan so you can curate an ideal seating for your next gathering.

Appy Hosting: Here’s 6 Apps That Are Ideal For Party Planning


The amount of creative inspiration that one would derive from Pinterest cannot be overstated. Pinterest is an excellent tool for you to explore novel party ideas and themes that can elevate the charm of your gathering. From decor ideas to food and drink options, this app has got you covered. You can create different boards and pin all the ideas you like onto them so when you sit down to plan the creatives for a cocktail evening or dinner you host, you can use these overarching themes to curate the design and look of your party.

Appy Hosting: Here’s 6 Apps That Are Ideal For Party Planning


An essential element of a party that you absolutely cannot do without is of course, food. When you want to curate a specialised menu, you can use BigNight to organise your drinks, appetisers and main courses. The app also has a feature which allows you to import recipes from Pinterest so you can directly access them and create a shopping list. You can also add reminders especially when you want to cook certain dishes like cheesecakes or pies ahead of the party so you will not forget that you need to head into the kitchen.


One of the most crucial aspects of any gathering is party invitations. It is imperative to send out proper invites with sweet messages that actually make guests feel like they are going to make the party special by showing up. Evite would help you to craft your virtual invitations using photos, designs and other themes and send them out to guests. You can then track your RSVPs and nudge guests who are yet to respond.


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