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In The Spirit Of Earth Day: 5 Eco-Friendly Alcohol Gift Options

Earth Day: Try These 5 Eco-Friendly Alcohol Gifting Options For Summer

Summer parties herald those moments of the year when you can lounge on seductive chaise lounges by the poolside soaking in the sun and acquiring a beautiful tan. On days when you sip mimosas at the season’s gathering hosted by the socialising bee of your group, you might want to arrive at this party bearing a gift so you never have to feel guilty about hogging such comfy seating! Well, not just that, but arriving at a party with a gift is excellent etiquette and it always makes your host feel extremely special and cherished.

And what better gifting alternative at summer gatherings than an eco-friendly alcohol present that will enable your host to practice some environmentally responsible drinking methods, particularly at a time of the year when such parties occur with great frequency.

Summer gatherings are definitely the highlight of many social calendars and involve bringing lots of friends and family together to laze around during the warm weather. Undoubtedly this also means way too many booze and cocktail accessories and post party waste generated in bulk.

Here are some gifting ideas that would help to reduce this clutter so you can enjoy a drink or two in slightly more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious ways:

Sustainable Wines

One of the best gifting options for a summer party, be it a barbecue or a poolside island themed affair is a bottle of wine. This can be chilled and brought out during the party so guests can savour a sip of the fine spirit. And when you want to present this gift in more conscious ways, go for sustainable wines that have been produced using grapes from vineyards practising holistic farming. These fruits are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and are later on crushed and aged in wooden casks using minimally synthetic processes.

Earth Day: Try These 5 Eco-Friendly Alcohol Gifting Options For Summer

Locally Produced Craft Beer

Another way to promote more eco-friendly gifting choices is to go for locally produced craft beer. This is always an excellent way to promote homegrown, local businesses and boost the economy of the city or town you inhabit but it also encourages you to look for small batch products prepared without the use of harmful mechanised processes that generate waste that is hard to recycle or dispose of. Locally produced craft beer also tastes delicious and is generally infused with a lot of different flavours, making this chilled beer a delightful present at a summer party.

Homemade Infused Spirits

When you want to make a gift at home and desire it to be eco-friendly, you can always prepare a spirit like gin or wine in your backyard and infuse it with homegrown herbs. If you tend to a back garden, you will undoubtedly have small shrubs of mint, basil and thyme growing somewhere. With the spices in your kitchen and the herbs in the garden you can infuse these potent spirits with lots of vibrant flavours and aromas enjoyed by your host and bottle them up ahead of the party so their fragrance seeps into the drink. Write custom labels and place them on the necks of the bottles so you can personalise these spirited gifts.

Earth Day: Try These 5 Eco-Friendly Alcohol Gifting Options For Summer

Zero Waste Cocktail Kits

These are specialised cocktail kits put together in such a way that you can minimise the amount of waste generated at a party. You can either make return gifts out of them or present them to your host who loves to throw a good bash in eco-friendly ways. To this gift set add organically sourced ingredients, reusable bottles and tumblers and herbs which can be used in their entirety without throwing the stalks out.

Upcycled Barware

Another way to go the eco-friendly route for summer alcohol gifting is to present upcycled barware kits. This involves preparing a gift basket containing organic wine or locally sourced beer and glassware made out of recycled materials. You can also gift bamboo tumblers or mugs made from discarded wood into stylish containers that hold your wine, beer or cocktail.


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