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Five Almond-Infused Tiki Cocktails For Your Next Island Party

almond cocktails

Tiki parties are the best way to enjoy summertime galas because they exude a classic laid-back, relaxed vibe into your gatherings perfect for the warm weather. During summer evenings, when the heat recedes, you can bring out your hammocks and comfortable stools and sprawl outdoors while sipping some delicious cooling drinks prepared exclusively at tiki parties. These drinks are infused with lots of tropical, fresh fruits, citrus juices and rum or gin to add a boozy kick to your rejuvenating summer mixes.

One ingredient often added to tiki cocktails is almonds for their nutty textures and creamy qualities to induce a bit more complexity into the blends. The origins of tiki cultures can be traced back to the mid-20th century when bartenders employed their creative genius to use a wide range of ingredients for preparing flavourful cocktails inspired by Polynesian and Hawaiian island cultures. Almonds began to be added to these mixes for their luxurious qualities and indulgent finish.

Read on below to learn more about some of the almond-forward tiki cocktails you can prepare for the next island party you host during summer:

Almond Mai Tai

One of the most popular cocktails which infuses orgeat syrup, or a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water, mai tai is a classic tiki drink prepared during island parties. Over time, several versions of this drink – believed to have been created sometime in the 1940s – have come up that celebrate its tropical flavours. You can prepare a batch of mai tai using quality white rum, orange curaçao, lime juice and lots of orgeat syrup garnished with chopped fresh fruits to add freshness to your cocktail jar.

Almond Piña Colada

The piña colada, made from coconut cream and pineapple juice with a splash of quality coconut rum, is another traditional tiki drink often prepared during island bashes and tiki-themed gatherings. The drink follows a classic recipe and mixes almond liqueur with other tart and creamy ingredients that infuse quite a bit of tangy, refreshing elements into your cocktail. Almond allows a bit of dense, deep flavours to seep into the drink that goes splendidly with the acidic qualities of pineapple and the silky smooth textures of coconut cream.

almond liqueur

Almond Fogcutter

A thoroughly almond-forward tiki cocktail, you can prepare this one by pouring a generous helping of Tanqueray No. Ten Gin into a shaker with some light rum, a bit of brandy and a dash of orgeat. The creaminess and sweet notes of the almond-infused syrup paired with the tangy qualities of lemon and orange juice would elevate the vibrancy of your simple cocktail. You can make an almond fogcutter when you are hosting an island party featuring lots of sweet and spicy foods like fresh fruit salads and canapés so that the rejuvenating properties of the drink blend well with the textures of the culinary delights on offer.

Trinidad Sour

This one uses orgeat syrup and Angostura bitters as its primary ingredients to prepare a drink packed with a strong almond taste. You can add a spot of whisky or bourbon to the cocktail to make it boozy but the highlight would remain the almond and citrus notes giving a very unexpectedly intense flavour. Garnish a Trinidad sour with a lemon twist to give it a bitter and tangy finish well suited to a tiki party where you can serve this deep red and maroon number in a glass adorned with a colourful umbrella.

almond orgeat syrup

Saturn Cocktail

A bright yellow cocktail that is a colourful fit ideal for a tiki party full of relaxed and laid-back scenes, you can prepare this one by mixing a Tanqueray No. Ten with other tropical ingredients like passion fruit syrup, lemon juice and falernum. Adding orgeat syrup into the drink gives it a welcome density and infuses it with a nutty taste adding an enhanced flavour component. You can enjoy a Saturn cocktail on summer evenings at a poolside tiki bash you host in the tropics.

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