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Five Innovative Ways To Use Coconut Water In Your Cocktails

Five Innovative Ways To Use Coconut Water In Your Bar Creations

Tender coconut water, or water extracted from this sweet hard fruit upon breaking it open, has become a near staple ingredient in mixology that is widely used in the preparation of several cocktails. The drink has acquired popularity as a subtly flavoured, naturally sweet mixer which can pack quite a lot of different tastes to create layered blends.

From aromatics to bitters to spices, coconut water can be used as a base to bring together several ingredients that are then mixed with quality rum, vodka or tequila to craft some flavourful mixes.

The fame of coconut water undoubtedly can be traced to the tropical regions where coconut trees are found in abundance and the fruit is used in several culinary preparations. In mixology, the drink adds vitality and freshness to a cocktail blend while spotlighting the flavours of different tropical fruits like pineapples, passionfruit, mangoes and melons which are added to several tropical cocktails.

And if that’s not enough, this mixer can be treated in different ways within cocktail craft too, so there is more than one method to make use of coconut water in your bar creations.

Read on below to find out about some of the ways in which you can incorporate coconut water into your cocktail recipes:

Five Innovative Ways To Use Coconut Water In Your Bar Creations

Steeping Flavours

Nowadays, bartenders are extolling the virtues of coconut water as an excellent agent to harness the flavours of different ingredients which are added to cocktails. This technique is most prominently applied in the making of tea or coffee infused cocktails which require you to first brew the beverages before adding them to a drink recipe.

Coconut water is used by many mixologists to steep tea or coffee and extract their potent flavours into this mixer. It is then directly added to a cocktail shaker containing rum or vodka and a citrus element like lime juice that goes into preparing a delicious blend.

Infusing Aromas

You can create a cocktail by using coconut water as your base but even as you do so, infuse this mixer with lots of different aromas and taste that will add a layer of flavour to your blend. One of the advantages of infusing coconut water with herbs, fruits and spices like cinnamon or cloves is that their flavours will absorb into the mixer uniformly spreading throughout the cocktail.

Frozen Coconut Water Cocktails

Another interesting way to incorporate coconut water into cocktail recipes is to turn these boozy mixes into slushies by blending all the ingredients with ice. You can either use ice cubes or crushed ice to craft a frozen mojito that incorporates coconut water into its recipe instead of carbonated water or soda. This way, you can also cut down on the simple syrup added to the recipe because coconut water will introduce a pleasing sweetness into the cocktail blend.

Five Innovative Ways To Use Coconut Water In Your Bar Creations

Fizzy Coconut Water Cocktails

If you enjoy the slight fizz you find in many aperitifs or pre dinner cocktails, you would definitely want to experiment with fizzy coconut water creations that mix this ingredient with sparkling water to create a bubbly drink.

To this you can add a splash of tequila, aperol or cointreau that will make the cocktail a tad boozy. The effervescence in the carbonated water will help to enhance all the flavours of the cocktail and this pair of soda and coconut water will contribute in giving the drink a very light quality.

Coconut Water Highball

One of the simplest ways to incorporate coconut water into cocktail recipes is to prepare classic highballs that are served in tall glasses with a lime wedge for garnish. This would constitute blending a generous 30 ml pour of Don Julio Blanco tequila with lots of sweet and nutty coconut water and just a dash of lime juice that gives the drink a zesty finish. Coconut water highballs can be your go to drinks the next time you are hosting a tiki or island themed party at home.

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