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The Only Gifting Guide You'll Need For The IPL Fan In Your Life

Your Ultimate Guide To Gifting Curated Presents To IPL Fans

When the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off, you would find yourself being invited to lots of watch parties and viewings where you would go with a gift to present to your host. And there will be those fans who would be celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions during the IPL fever, to the tune of all the excitement of the cricket series. For these friends and loved ones, you will need to find presents that resonate as much with their personalities as with their love for all things IPL.

You can choose from a lot of different options while planning gifts for IPL fans and curate baskets of different goodies to mark their fandom and their special occasion. From memorabilia to match passes, curated presents would mean you put just a tad bit of a personal touch into planning gifts and customise them so they cater solely to the interests of your loved ones. This will not only make the gift special but will also make it a lasting object adorning mantelpieces or liquor cabinets for decades to come.

Read on below to know more about how you can curate gifts for IPL fans engulfed in the fervour of one of the most watched cricket seasons across the world:

IPL Team Merchandise

Choose from an array of merchandise like jerseys, caps, t-shirts, hoodies and scarves of the team your friend or loved one supports and curate a gift bag featuring all these goods. You can also have kitschy items like keychains or carabiners in the colours of these teams to make the gift bag a bit more fun. Also add items representing the regions of these teams such as snacks, paintings, textiles or jewellery that those states are known for. Adding kachoris, rasgullas or a vada pav into the gift bag might release aromas that make the present that much more enticing!

Your Ultimate Guide To Gifting Curated Presents To IPL Fans

Fantasy League Memberships

Lots of people like to dabble in fantasy league games where they can make their own teams and engage in game play with fellow enthusiasts. Fantasy leagues are perfect places for fans to congregate, discuss and debate about their favourite teams and their gaming strategies. So, a perfect present for an IPL aficionado would be a league membership with which they can engage in curating their own teams and devising winning hacks for their dream 11.

IPL Memorabilia And Collectibles

If you are short on time, this is an ideal present that can be put together quickly. You can go for jerseys, crickets balls and stumps bearing the logos of the team your fellow fan supports and put all this together in a big gift bag. Accompany this present with a bottle of a premium liquor like a Johnnie Walker Black Label so they can enjoy a dram while watching the evening’s game unfold.

Game Night Passes With Matching Jerseys

One of the most coveted presents during IPL season would be game night passes with excellent seats. If you happen to get hold of these for your loved one, you can present these passes to them and be their plus one to cheer for their favourite team. Also gift jerseys of the playing teams so you can wear them during the match.

Your Ultimate Guide To Gifting Curated Presents To IPL Fans

Cricket Books Paired With A Spirit Bottle

Some IPL fans are die hard fans of the game too. For these experts and analysts among us, the perfect present is a good book about cricket that they can savour on relaxed evenings. Pair this with a bottle of Signature Premium Grain Whisky or a Singleton of Glendullan so they can enjoy the literature of the sport while savouring a delectable spirit.

Customised IPL Team Barware

For fans of cricket and connoisseurs of fine spirits, go for gifts like curated barware including shakers, muddlers, stirrers and other accessories that are embossed or engraved with the logo of their favourite IPL teams. This can be seasonal barware that is whipped out only during IPL season so they have a customised set to use when they are hosting a watch party to cheer their team.


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