By: Neelanjana Mondal

Canchanchara cocktail


  • 60 ml Cuban Aguardiente
  • 32066-ingredients-0
  • 15 ml fresh lime juice 
  • 32066-ingredients-1
  • 15 ml raw honey 
  • 32066-ingredients-2
  • 50 ml water
  • 32066-ingredients-3


-Mix honey with water in a small bowl or cup to create a smooth syrup.
-Dip the rim of a cocktail glass in the honey-water mixture to coat the bottom and sides.
-Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice to the coated glass.
-Fill the glass with cracked ice.
-Pour rum over the ice.
-Vigorously stir from bottom to top, using an up-and-down motion, to incorporate all ingredients.

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