French 21

French 21


  • Ciroc Vodka - 10ml
  • 28691-ingredients-0
  • Lemon juice - 10ml
  • 28691-ingredients-1
  • Raspberry Liqueur - 5ml
  • 28691-ingredients-2
  • Sugar Syrup - 5ml
  • 28691-ingredients-3
  • Sparkling Wine - 1 dash
  • 28691-ingredients-4
  • Lime Peel Spiral - 1 twist
  • 28691-ingredients-5
  • Ice
  • 28691-ingredients-6


Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Pour 10ml Ciroc Vodka, 10ml lemon juice, 5ml raspberry liqueur, and 5ml sugar syrup into a mixing glass. 

Shake vigorously until all of the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated. 

Pour the concoction into a champagne flute using a cocktail strainer. 

Pour sparkling wine on top of the cocktail. 

Garnish with a spiral of lime peel.

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