Gordon’s Gin Blush



  • Gordon’s London Dry Gin - 50ml
  • 29451-ingredients-0
  • Fresh Cranberry Juice - 15ml
  • 29451-ingredients-1
  • Tonic Water - 100ml
  • 29451-ingredients-2


Grab a highball glass and fill it with cubed ice. Make sure that you leave a little room in the glass for other ingredients.

Using a cocktail jigger or a measuring cup, measure out 50 ml of Gordon’s London Dry Gin and pour it into the glass. Ensure that you pour precise quantities of ingredients to craft a well-balanced drink. 

Next, measure and pour 15 ml cranberry juice into the glass over the ice. Pro-tip: using fresh cranberry juice elevates the flavours of your cocktail. If you don’t have fresh juice, then you can use store-bought or canned cranberry juice.

Top up the drink with tonic water.

Using a bar spoon or a cocktail stirrer, stir the ingredients gently in the glass to combine.

Garnish the cocktail with a wedge of lime and serve!

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