DIY Mocktail Bar For Your Brunch Party

DIY Mocktail Bar For Your Brunch Party Cover

Do you love hosting brunch parties for your friends and family? Interested in spicing up the party experience for your guests? How about having an exciting party menu with delicious and indulgent mocktails? Well, if it’s a yes, then you have come to the right place. We have got some interesting ideas to spruce up your brunch party! Try setting up a Mocktail Bar to add a whole new charm to your moments. From a brief guide to some essential tips, we have got everything you need to host your next brunch!

Mocktail Bar For Brunch Party

Mocktails offer a great drinking experience without any buzz. For Brunch especially, when you simply want to sip on something refreshing and delicious to kickstart your day, mocktails are the best way to do this. Also, while hosting a brunch party it’s important to consider the dietary restrictions and interests of your guests. There are a lot of people who may not drink alcohol or avoid them on certain occasions. To accommodate all your guests and also create a very inviting and indulgent atmosphere, set up a DIY mocktail bar at your next brunch! This is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and make them feel like they are at a fancy cocktail lounge.

1. Choose A Party Theme

Choose A Party Theme
Setting a up simple mocktail bar would do a trick. But what if you plan a theme and work around it? For example, it could be tropical, colourful, retro… or anything that fancies you. A party theme will help you in more ways than one. You can align every element of your party - from decor to menu around the theme for an immersive experience. Your guests will surely have a blast!

2.Plan A Party Menu

 Plan A Party Menu
Now that you have a theme ready and have worked up the decor and everything else related to your party, it’s time to plan a party menu. Consider a mocktail bar as both an extension of your decor and a highlight of your get-together. Therefore, planning a menu that revolves around the theme is crucial. The whole point of a mocktail bar is to either let your guests make their own drink or have someone behind the bar craft it. When you have a menu planned, your guests will know what’s available and choose around.

3. Stock Up On Bar Supplies

 Stock Up On Bar Supplies
Whether it’s a DIY mocktail bar or you have a bartender mixing the drinks, the vital part is to ensure that you don’t run out of supplies. If you want the drinks to keep coming throughout the party and make sure that your guests are happy, you will have to stock up on all the bar supplies. From tools to ingredients to garnishes, you will need enough to ensure all your guests get their drink and more. Set up all the bar supplies in such a way that it’s easily accessible. Have some extra set of tools if necessary.

4. Set Up The Space

Set Up The Space
You have your party theme sorted, party decors arranged, and party menu planned, so what next? The space! Your mocktail bar needs to be in a wide space to accommodate your guests. Set it up in such a way that it becomes the focal point of your party. Alternatively, you can also incorporate it near the buffet counter for easy access. Use counters and cabinets, if you are setting it up inside the house. For backyard house parties, if your budget allows why not rent a mobile bar? Or you can upcycle the available furniture and make up a unique mocktail station. For example, you can add a table as a counter, use a bar cart for storing spirits, some shelves to keep the bar tools and voila! You have a budget-friendly mocktail bar! It’s portable and you can set it up anywhere you like!

5. Spruce It Up With Party Decors

Spruce It Up With Party Decors
If you want to attract your guests to the mocktail bar, then you will have to add some party decor to grab attention. It will create a festive atmosphere and guests will be excited to check it out. Use the elements that align with your party theme to make it more interesting. For example, if it’s a tropical-themed party, you can use greenery and a splash of vibrant colours. Banners, buntings, and fairy lights make it more captivating!

6. Display Mocktail Recipes & Instructions

 Display Mocktail Recipes & Instructions
When you have a DIY mocktail bar, chances are that not all of your guests may know the mocktail recipes by heart. So, keep some instructions handy to help them craft their own drink. Make sure to have a wide assortment of mocktail recipes that cater to all the taste buds. Choose quick and easy-to-mix drinks that will not only save time but are simple to make, so it won’t take too much effort. Some of the popular mocktail recipes are Shirley Temple, Virgin Mojito, Fruit Punch, Mint Coolers, etc.

7. Have Fun And Enjoy!

 Have Fun And Enjoy
Hosting a party and setting up a mocktail bar is a fun and rewarding experience. Your guests will have an amazing experience sipping on delicious mocktails and maybe even crafting some! Don’t forget to mingle with your guests, have fun and enjoy!

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