Frost Cocktail

Frost Cocktail


  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky - 25 ml
  • 29702-ingredients-0
  • Apple cider - 150 ml
  • 29702-ingredients-1
  • Bitters - 1 dash
  • 29702-ingredients-2


Grab a Collins glass and fill it with ice.

Use a cocktail jigger or measuring cup to measure the cocktail ingredients required to make this drink. It is essential to measure the right amount of ingredients.

Using the measuring tools pour 25 ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label blended scotch whisky,  150 ml of apple cider, and 1 dash of bitter into the glass.

Stir the mixture well to combine the cocktail ingredients.

Serve the drink by garnishing it with a lemon twist.

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