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A Whisky Lover's Guide to Winter: Best Drams for Cold Nights

As winter sets in, the season calls for the warmth and comfort of a fine whisky. For fans who relish a good dram, winter nights offer the perfect backdrop for indulging in rich, complex whiskies. Here's a guide to some of the choicest drams that elevate your winter evenings.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


1. Talisker 10

Transport yourself to the wild, sea-facing cliffs of the Isle of Skye with Talisker, a 10-year-old. With a seaside zing, this peaty and warm dram pairs exceptionally well with rich, creamy, and sharp cheeses for an ultimate winter experience.


2. Johnnie Walker Black

With twelve years of maturity, Johnnie Walker's Black Label takes you on a journey with dark fruits and smoke notes, evoking images of oak barrels. Enjoy it with a square of dark chocolate for a comforting and indulgent experience.


3. Singleton Dufftown 12

Smooth as velvet, Singleton Dufftown 12 boasts a nutty-fruity character that soothes the senses. A modest nightcap paired with dried fruit and roasted almonds adds a delightful texture to your winter night.


4. Winter’s Highlight: Godawan

The Rich and Rounded variant offers dried fruit notes, while the Fruit and Spice variant provides complexity with its cherrywood cask finish. Savour a glass on a snowy evening paired with toasted cinnamon-spiced nuts, creating an ambiance of endless warmth.


5. Signature Solution

Signature stands out with its assertive blend of smoky and sweet notes, welcoming you into India’s strong whisky culture. Each 60 ml dram leaves a lingering peaty taste, best enjoyed with a gooey chocolate cake.


6. Cardhu Gold Reserve

Mellow things down with Cardhu Gold Reserve, perfect for a quiet night. With an undercurrent of spiced apples and home-baked goodies, this gentle dram harmonises well with a comforting slice of warm apple pie.