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How To Ace The Viral Snow Globe Cocktail For Christmas

Amidst the holiday cheer, a new viral sensation is taking centre stage—the Snow Globe Cocktail. Here's a guide on crafting this festive delight that transforms each glass into a mini-winter fairy tale.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


1. Getting the Basics Right with Rosemary

Choose a robust sprig of rosemary for the centrepiece, adding a festive touch and subtle herby flavour to the cocktail. Submerge the rosemary upside down in about an inch of water or opt for a festive base with 45 ml Smirnoff Vodka for added clarity.


2. Freezing Technique

Place the glass in the freezer, ensuring it's freezer-safe. The goal is to create an ice block that secures the rosemary upright. If needed, tie the leaning sprig with a ribbon or string, allowing the rosemary tree to stand tall on a block of ice.


3. Assembling the Cocktail

Top off the glass with soda water and a few drops of lemon juice for a vodka base. If water serves as the base, pour in 30 ml Don Julio, followed by sparkling mineral water to create a snowy effect reminiscent of a mini-winter wonderland. Add lime juice to taste.


4. The Magic of the Snow Globe

The simplicity and visual appeal of the Snow Globe Cocktail lie in its creative use of rosemary and the frozen, upright miniature Christmas tree. This enchanting drink promises to be a showstopper at holiday parties and a social media sensation, bringing magic to your Christmas celebrations.


5. Join the Snow Globe Fever

As a promising contender for this season's showstopper, the Snow Globe Cocktail has returned just in time for Christmas festivities. So, grab a glass, follow these steps, and join the snow globe fever, turning your holiday drink into an Instagram-worthy winter wonder.