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One Last Midnight: Toast The New Year With A Modern Rum Cocktail

Mixing cocktails is an evolving art, often involving experimentation and happy accidents. Inspired by the inventive spirit of modern mixology, New York-based bartender Meaghan Dorman crafted the One Last Midnight, a rum-infused twist on the classic Manhattan, perfect for ushering in the New Year.

Helan Singh

February 03, 2024


1. Modern Mixology Magic

Contemporary mixology focuses on reimagining classic spirits, transforming them into dynamic and modern drinks. Dorman's inventive twist incorporates premium Captain Morgan Dark Rum into a classic Manhattan recipe, showcasing the versatility of rum in mixology.


2. Ingredients Harmony

The One Last Midnight balances the bitterness of dark rum by adding two types of Italian sweet vermouths. These fortified wines, one lush and syrupy, the other slightly bitter like an amaro, harmonise with rum to create a rich and complex flavour profile.


3. Vermouth Dynamics

Sweet vermouth, crafted using botanicals like herbs and spices, imparts sweetness or a dry finish. The One Last Midnight features two sweet vermouth varieties—lush and syrupy, slightly bitter and spicier—creating a well-rounded and herbal mix.


4. Rum Celebration

By swapping whisky for rum, the cocktail celebrates the dark, bitter and slightly smoky profile of high-quality rum, typically made from cane juice or molasses. The rum is the show's star, providing depth and complexity to the drink.


5. Coffee Infused Salt Twist

Dorman's recipe includes a twist—an addition of coffee-infused salt, elevating the flavour and introducing a hint of caffeine-induced freshness to counterbalance the intensity of the rum. This unexpected element adds a layer of complexity to the cocktail.


6. Golden Elegance

To serve, spritz quality scotch like Johnnie Walker Black Label into the glass before pouring the cocktail. Garnished with a lemon or orange peel, the resulting deep golden hue reflects the sophistication of this modern rum cocktail, making it the perfect choice as the ball drops on New Year's Eve.