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Pack A Festive Punch Into Drinking Games With Reindeer-Themed Activities

Enjoy the holiday spirit with a dash of whimsy by incorporating reindeer-themed activities into your Christmas party. Move beyond traditional beer pong and explore these entertaining reindeer games that add a cheerful twist to your boozy celebrations.

Helan Singh

February 03, 2024


Reindeer Ring Toss

Transform the classic ring toss by using reindeer antlers as the target. Participants take turns aiming candy cane rings at the antlers, and every miss results in taking a shot—perfectly paired with Don Julio Blanco for added merriment.


Rein 'Beer' Pong

Put a holiday spin on beer pong by incorporating reindeer antlers. Swat away ping pong balls with these festive accessories while enjoying the intensity of Johnnie Walker Black Label shots.


Reindeer Relay Race

Inject some sporty competition with a relay race. Armed with antlers, teams race to reach a Christmas present while chugging beer or taking shots before passing the antler baton to the next participant.


Reindeer Trivia Shots

Turn your party into a reindeer-themed trivia night. Test your guests' knowledge of Christmas history and folklore, with each incorrect answer resulting in a shot of Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka.


Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Create a fun sleigh ride game by filling a miniature sleigh with shot glasses. Roll a dice, and the number rolled determines how many shots each participant must take from the sleigh featuring Don Julio Blanco or Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka.


Red Nose Wins

Spread holiday cheer with a red-nose game. Participants pick multicoloured rubber balls from a sack without peeking, and the one who discovers Rudolph's red nose wins. Those picking different colours take a shot, adding a playful element to the festivities.