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Pair Whisky Cocktails With These Gourmet Cheeses At Your Next Soiree

Upgrade your cocktail soirée with a touch of luxury by pairing whisky cocktails with gourmet cheeses, creating an exquisite experience for your guests. Explore the intriguing world of whisky cocktails, each expertly paired with select gourmet cheeses for a sophisticated evening of flavours.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


Mint Julep And Feta Cheese

Craft a Daisy Buchanan-inspired Mint Julep and complement its fresh mint and bourbon bitterness with crumbly feta cheese. The contrast between the cocktail's complex notes and the tangy creaminess of the feta creates a delightful harmony, offering a palate-cleansing experience.


Rob Roy And Gruyère

Indulge in a Rob Roy, blending scotch whisky, bitters, and red vermouth with Swiss Gruyère. The nutty and smoky depth of the Alpine cheese complements the earthy flavour profile of scotch whisky, resulting in a stunning combination.


Whisky Sour And Camembert

Savour a Johnnie Walker Black Label-infused Whisky Sour with the creamy richness of melted camembert. The fruity and spiced notes of the single malt whisky beautifully balance the cocktail's tartness, creating a harmonious pairing.


Old Fashioned And French Comté

Experience the classic Old Fashioned, traditionally bourbon-based or crafted with a quality single malt, paired with French Comté. The intense flavour profile of rye whisky or bourbon finds a perfect counterbalance in the soft Alpine cheese.


Paper Plane And Goat’s Cheese

Explore the American-inspired Paper Plane cocktail, featuring bourbon or rye whisky, Aperol, and orange juice. Pair this tart and zesty concoction with fresh goat’s cheese adorned with lemon zest for an added kick.


Highball And Burrata

Enjoy the simplicity of a Highball—whisky, soda, and a touch of ginger—with Signature Premium Grain Whisky. This straightforward cocktail finds harmony with the mild flavours and salty profiles of burrata or mozzarella, balancing the earthiness of the grain whisky.


Boulevardier And Asiago

Sip on the sweet Boulevardier cocktail, blending whisky, sweet vermouth, and Italian liqueurs paired with aged asiago. The slightly nutty and savoury notes of asiago or the boldness of stilton and blue cheese create a delightful contrast to the cocktail's sweetness.