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Put Your Korean-Themed Luncheon On The Map This Holiday Season

Exalt your holiday hosting game this festive season by putting a Korean-themed luncheon on the map. Move beyond traditional dinners and wine pairings to infuse your gathering with Korean cuisine's spicy, tangy and umami notes.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


Curate A Delicious Spread

Beyond bibimbap and Korean fried chicken, experimenting with flavours like japchae, sweet potato, and noodle bowls, and chicken with spicy gochujang sauce. Introduce Western influences with dishes like tiger prawn tacos or fried kimchi, and Gruyère toasted sandwiches, elevating the flavour profile of your table.


Pair With Traditional Spirits

Complement the diverse Korean meal with a luxe collection of spirits and quality liqueurs. Opt for cocktails featuring soju, a Korean spirit similar to vodka, or indulge in a gimlet with Tanqueray No. Ten Gin. Consider serving Korean makgeolli, a milky rice wine, and offering herbal teas as a non-alcoholic option.


Festive Floral Decor

Enhance the Korean theme with rustic decor, using barks, stems, and petals to dress up tableware and barware. Serve food in delicate bowls, opt for a centrepiece of fruits, and add a cosy touch with soft-glowing candles to create a warm atmosphere.


Dress Casual

Keep the dress code cheery, informal and vibrant, encouraging guests to don jumpers, skirts, bandeau tops or shirts. For those embracing the Korean spirit, recommend a hanbok attire and a dainty fan to complete the ensemble.


Party Games

Keep the festive spirit alive with post-lunch entertainment. Introduce traditional Korean board games like yutnori or the strategic five-field koni, providing fun and engaging activities for guests. Hand out party favours, such as a bottle of kimchi, for a salty and sweet memory of a well-spent holiday gathering.