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Science Your Way To Better Drinks!

Mixology has evolved into a scientific endeavour, introducing unconventional techniques and ingredients into the world of cocktails. In exploring scientific mixology, let's jump into how a touch of science can elevate your drinking experience at home.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


1. The Art of Texture

Explore the often-overlooked element of texture in cocktails. Ingredients like soy lecithin, a common find in health food stores, can be used to create silkier and more stable foams, enhancing your drink's visual and sensory aspects.


2. Molecular Mixology: From the Kitchen to the Bar

Enter the realm where the science lab meets the bar – molecular mixology. Techniques like spherification turn liquids into jelly-like spheres, creating a visually stunning and flavorful experience.


3. Raising the Bar with Infusion and Fat-Washing

Infuse spirits with fats such as bacon, butter, or coconut oil for unexpected flavours and a creamier texture. Try fat-washing rum with coconut oil for a subtle coconut twist, turning familiar flavours into an exciting concoction.


4. The Importance of Temperature and Dilution

Perfect your cocktail by paying attention to temperature and dilution. The choice of ice—crushed, cubed or shaved—impacts the drink's temperature and dilution. Shaking or stirring isn't just for show; it influences how cold and diluted your drink becomes.


5. The Fun of Carbonation

Carbonated drinks add texture and bring out aromas. Experiment with different carbonation levels and types of carbonated liquids to refresh classic recipes and add a new dimension to your cocktails.


6. Become a Mixologist in Your Own Home

Armed with these scientific tips, unleash your creativity at home. Start with a simple gin and tonic, experimenting with botanical infusions or carbonation levels. Or venture into bold territory by fat-washing whisky with a hint of bacon for a smoky, savoury flavour.