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The Best Shots & Shooters For Your Next House Party

Setting the stage for a memorable house party involves carefully considering details, from ambiance to snacks. However, when it comes to elevating the experience, crafting the perfect shots and shooters can truly make your gathering stand out. Here's a guide to six enticing concoctions that will surely be a hit at your next house party.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


Coffee Cream Dream

Mix 30 ml of Baileys Irish Cream with 15 ml of cold brew and a hint of vanilla extract for a mellow moment. A non-alcoholic version using Baileys Coffee Creamer ensures everyone can partake in this delightful pick-me-up.


Golden Apple Shot

Celebrate the century-old tradition of taking shots with a flavoured twist. Combine 30 ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve with 15 ml apple schnapps for a smooth yet tangy kick, setting the tone for a high-energy evening.


Boozy Carrot Cake

Capture the essence of carrot cake in a shot glass. Blend 30 ml of Baileys Irish Cream with 15 ml each of butterscotch schnapps and cinnamon schnapps. Rim the glasses with cream cheese frosting and crushed Graham crackers for an authentic carrot cake feel.


Cinnamon Fireball

When energy levels need a boost, introduce the fiery dance of flavours with a Cinnamon Fireball shooter. Blend 30 ml of Smirnoff Vodka with cinnamon syrup, 15 ml of apple juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper for a refreshing experience.


Tequila Sunrise, But Different

Create a visual treat with this colourful shooter. Combine 10 ml grenadine, 10 ml blue curaçao liqueur and 10 ml Don Julio Blanco, resulting in a vibrant party in a glass.


Minty Melon Blast

Refresh the atmosphere with a Minty Melon Blast. Muddle fresh mint leaves and shake up with 30 ml of Gordon's London Dry Gin and 15 ml of watermelon juice. Swap out the gin with sparkling water for an alcohol-free option, garnishing with frozen watermelon cubes.