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The Safest/Best Drinks To Order On A Long-Haul Flight

Undertaking on a long-haul flight can be akin to a marathon, demanding endurance and a touch of indulgence. Beyond the necessity of water, these expert tips unveil the secret to an elevated in-flight experience through thoughtfully chosen beverages.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


1. Staying Hydrated

Combat the dryness of cabin air with comforting and intriguing drinks. Begin with chamomile tea, honey and lemon, or opt for vitamin C-rich juices like orange, apple or cranberry to flush out toxins and prepare for arrival.


2. Avoiding Sleep Disruptions

To ensure uninterrupted sleep, steer clear of caffeine and alcohol. However, low-alcohol options are available for those relishing in-flight luxuries, offering a touch of indulgence without compromising rest.


3. Sky-Friendly Mimosa

Enjoy a twist on the classic mimosa by mixing freshly squeezed orange juice with Smirnoff Vodka and soda water. This lighter version ensures a bubbly lift without the typical alcohol content, perfect for the altitude.


4. Elevated Martini

Revamp the classic Martini with simplicity in mind. Mix Gordon’s London Dry Gin with dry vermouth, garnish with a lemon twist or olive, and adjust the gin quantity for a hydrating alternative or a non-alcoholic version.


5. Cabin-Friendly Gin and Tonic

Savour the timeless Gin and Tonic with a cabin-friendly tweak. Combine Tanqueray London Dry with tonic water and lime for a refreshing drink over ice, ensuring a light and enjoyable cruising experience.


6. Moderation in the Skies

While mixing drinks adds a fun element, moderation is key in a pressurised cabin. Opt for lighter choices to stay refreshed and ready to explore upon landing, transforming even the longest flights into a lounge in the clouds. Safe travels and happy sipping!