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The Ultimate DIY Mulled Rum Bar For A Warm, Spiced Christmas Gathering

Create a festive ambiance and warm the spirits at your Christmas gathering with the ultimate DIY Mulled Rum Bar. A sensory experience that combines aromatic spices, rich rum and a touch of creativity, this interactive bar will have your guests savouring the season's flavours.

Helan Singh

February 01, 2024


1. Base Rum Infusion

Begin with a quality dark rum as your base. Allow it to steep with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peels for a rich and flavorful foundation. This infused rum forms the heart of your mulled concoctions.


2. Diverse Spice Selection

Set up a selection of spices for guests to customise their drinks. Include classics like star anise, cardamom, and nutmeg, allowing everyone to tailor their mulled rum to their preferred spiciness and warmth.


3. Fresh Fruit Garnishes

Enhance the visual appeal and freshness of the drinks with an array of fresh fruit garnishes. Sliced apples, oranges, and even cranberries add a burst of colour and complement the spiced notes of the mulled rum.


4. Assorted Sweeteners

Offer an array of sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, or simple syrup to allow guests to balance the sweetness according to their taste. This customisation ensures everyone's mulled rum is perfectly tailored.


5. Warm Mixers

Provide warm mixers like apple cider and herbal teas for a comforting touch. These versatile bases allow guests to experiment and create diverse flavour profiles, catering to various palates.


6. Festive Glassware and Garnishes

Complete the experience with festive glassware—think mugs or heat-resistant glasses—and an assortment of garnishes like cinnamon sticks or sprigs of rosemary for that final flourish. Your DIY Mulled Rum Bar will not only warm hearts but also be the highlight of your Christmas celebration.