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Why Do Gin And Tonic Taste So Good Together?

If you like gin and tonic, there might be a scientific reason for its appeal. As more and more people enjoy gin, let's explore why gin and tonic taste great when combined.

Helan Singh

January 31, 2024


People like gin and tonics because of how they taste and how the different flavours and fizzy bubbles mix to make a refreshing drink that's hard to resist.


Historical Origins

In the 1840s, British soldiers in colonial India invented gin and tonic because they were scared of getting malaria. Tonic water, made from quinine found in cinchona tree bark, was used to fight the disease. However, because it was bitter, soldiers tried to make it taste better by adding sweet things like brandy or whisky.

Medicinal Value and Popularisation

Medicinal Value and Popularisation

In 1858, Erasmus Bond invented something; by 1860, much of it was brought to India. The first gin and tonic drink was made because people needed a nice cold drink in the hot Indian summer.


Chemistry of Flavour

Chemistry professor Matthew Hartings from American University says that the botanicals in gin lend a unique taste to the beverage. The ingredients in gin and tonic mix together and owing to the resulting chemical reaction, the drink tastes even better.


Harmonious Balance of Flavours

Different ingredients like plants, bitter quinine, fizzy bubbles, and ice make a good mix of flavours. The strong taste of tonic water makes it extra delicious when mixed with something else.


Recreating the Classic

To make your gin and tonic at home, you will need 30 ml of gin, 90 ml of tonic water, a slice of lime, and lots of ice. The timeless blend has been popular for centuries, and science shows that opposites attract.